Must see destinations on your India Luxury Tour!

India has seen a considerable rise in the number of tourist arrivals in past few years. There has also been a shift in perceptions, accounting India as a luxury holiday destination, thus more and more people seeking luxury India tours. Long gone are the days when India was considered just a land of the ‘snake-charmers’! Today’s India has much more charm associated with it – be it the beautiful white sand beaches of Goa or the Royal forts and palaces of Rajasthan or for that matter the commercial capital of India - Mumbai and the city of eternal love – Taj Mahal! Talking about luxury India holidays, there are a few destinations which definitely score higher than others on Alluring India’s list, primarily due to the facilities available as well as the popular sites in those cities. Some of these are:

Friday, 24 June 2016 19:50

On The Trails to The Tiger's Nest!

On our recent FAM trip to Bhutan, we set out on an endeavor to try everything that we would want our client to experience. Sounds fun, right! But it has its cons too. We were not left with a choice,but had to take on everything that was out of our comfort zone. One such daunting task was to scale the Tiger's Nest. As funny as it sounds now, it wasn't so funny while I was going through with it. Guess, that is what traveling was all about. Read my experience of scaling The Takshang Monastery.

Widely known as the commercial capital of India, Mumbai is a bustling metropolitan gracefully placed in the Arabian sea and was originally a composition of 7 islands. During the British Raj, it was a major hub to carry out trades which is why it was called Bombay. Immaculately connected by Air, Rail, Road as well as Sea Routes, it has the second busiest airports in the country and a great option to arrive in India, if you want to start your journey toward Southern India.

Being a commercial hub that it is, it also has some amazing experiences to offer to the affluent traveller, visiting the city. Here is my personal pick of 5 things you have to do if you are traveling with deep pockets.

With increasing number of flight routes, most of us may have taken the aerial route, to reach our destination in the shortest possible times. Despite of being a frequent flier you are asked to follow some boring, uncomfortable and at times nonsensical procedures while you are in the aircraft. I have had many people asking me this question on numerous occasions.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 12:52

The Jungle Town!

The best part about any city in India is that it is different every time you visit it. Especially in different seasons of the year... I thought to myself as we drove on the wavering path towards Periyar. The actual name is Thekkady and it comes in the Idukki district of Kerala. Due to the famous Periyar National Park, this place is often referred to as Periyar. The sounds were different, the air was different and so was the smell in the air.. Obviously it was because of different flowering season but it gave a whole new look and feel to the same Path. Along with us rode the humming of the insects which was as loud as a gushing river. Not for a minute or two but for miles..

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 11:44

India – The blue print of the world

 “I would rather travel across the world, than visit the same country twice”, was the script of the mail that was very tastefully written by Mr. Maben (name changed), explaining his dreamy expectations to us. My team has been in correspondence with him over 6 months now, while he was taking time to arrive at a tour itinerary that was being designed to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary (and yet he was still a year ahead from the date of travel). The entire team could see through his emails, as to how inclined he was to make his wife’s dream to visit The Taj Mahal, an ‘I can’t believe this is happening’, kind of experience.

Monday, 29 June 2015 19:02

Mountains of Tea Estates

It was a bright sunny day as we boarded our car to go uphill from Kochi to Munnar. I had been to most hill stations across India and was pretty comfortable with our hill journey ahead. An hour passed since we started from Kochi but we had covered only a short distance. Our chauffeur was very experienced and a careful one for sure. The hilly terrain kept me observant for a little over an hour with the beautiful landscapes. I had travelled from the dangerous roads of Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh in north India to narrow twists and turns of Ooty and Coonoor in the south.

Monday, 20 July 2015 09:52

The Tourist Capital of Kerala

Wow, so green even in summers ! I exclaimed as I peeped from the window of the aircraft. A short 2 hour ride from Mumbai and we were at Kochi airport, in the state of Kerala. Monsoons were desperately awaited throughout the country and coming from the dry Mumbai in early June, Kerala was surely a treat for the eyes.  As we collected our baggage and came out of the airport, we admired the traditional architecture of the airport that made us feel welcome in God’s own country – Kerala..