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Situated on the bank of the river Hoogly, lies the capital city of West Bengal – Kolkata. Formerly known as ‘Calcutta’, this city is one of the four largest metropolitan city in India. It is the main social, economical, cultural and political hub of East India.

This city was the first capital of India during the British Raj. Although Delhi was declared the capital city of India post independence, Kolkata still remained the capital city of the state. The city was the main centre of activity of the national movement of independence. Some of the famous freedom fighters are Subhas Chandra Bose, Bipin Chandra Pal, SriAurobindo etc.

Kolkata is also known for authentic Bengali cuisines. Kathi kebab, puchka are the most famous fast-food of this city and can be found across Kolkata. Bengali milk sweets like rasagulla, sandesh, misthidoi, ras-malai, etc. are best served in this city. There are several streets famous for its food joints Some of famous eateries are 100 years old and are still the best in town. Being a metropolitan city, Kolkata has a wide range of accommodation options to suit everyone’s budget and needs. There are a number of luxurious hotels spread across the city.

Places to visit in Kolkata

There is a plethora of sightseeing in Kolkata. Some of the major attractions are Victoria Memorial which is the most famous landmark of the city, the World’s busiest bridge - Howrah Bridge, one of the most famous cricket stadium - Eden Garden, Indian Museum which is the largest and the oldest museum of India & an eighteenth century built St. Paul’s Cathedral. Kolkata is also a home to a number of notable nationalist leaders, artists, film makers &writers like Rabindranth Tagore, Satyajit Ray, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, etc.

Kolkata hosts some of the largest and biggest cultural festivals in India which reflects the cultural ethnicity and diversity of the state as well as of the country. The two largest festivals celebrated in Kolkata are Durga Puja which isdedicated to Goddess Durgaand Kali Puja, dedidcated to Goddess Kali. During this festival, the statues of both the Goddesses are beautifully decorated. The lighting decorations, colourful pandals, and fireworkslooks simply spectacular.Other festivals like Holi, Diwali, PoushParbon, RathYatra, PoilaBoishakh,Saraswati Puja, Jagaddhatri Puja, Lakshmi Pujaetc. are also celebrated with same enthusiasm.

Best Time to visit Kolkata

The best months to visit Kolkataare the winter months between November and March. East India has hot summers and hence summer months of April to June are not recommended. Monsoons in Kolkata are not recommended either as due to rains it gets very difficult to move around.

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