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Situated in the north of Rajasthan, the city of Bikaner boasts of its historical &architectural opulence spread across an enormous expanse of sand dunes. This city was founded by RaoBikajiover 500 years ago,who was a descendant ofRaoJodhaJi, the founder of Jodhpur.

The Bikaner festivalis a popular international festival organized by Department of Tourism, Art & Culture of the Rajasthan Government. This festival is a 2 days event which is held every year in January to glorify and celebrate the brave animal of Bikaner - Camels. During this festival, the camels are dressed in vibrant, traditional necklace and heavy anklets. The entire state comes alive and people from across the globe comes to enjoy the lively music, folk dance performances and so many different types of competitions involving camels.

Bikaner boasts of being a thriving market of various Rajasthani art forms. The Usta art of miniature paintings and gold embossing which is undertaken upon the ceilings, walls, pillars of buildings as well as wooden & glass items and ivory is a specialty of Bikaner.

Bikaneribhujia is considered to be the best lip-smacking snack of the country. The taste buds can be satiated with a wide assortment of Bhujias, Rasgullas, Papad and Thandai.Other famous local cuisines are pakodi, gattakisabji, khata, papad, mangodi and many others.

What to See

The main highlight of this city is the 16th century built Junagarh Fort. It is the crown of the city and houses a number of structures which has intricatemirror work, gold work, enamel work, shell finish and lacquer work. There are some amazing stone carved bastions, courtyards, balconies, pavilions high walls, royal relics and many palaces inside the fort and also houses a museum that has a collection of Rajput miniature paintings and manuscripts in Persian and Sankrit language. This fort display the achievements and extravagance of the noble blood of the Rajputs.

Bikaner is known for its ancient temples, gorgeous palaces, red sandstone ‘havelis’ (mansions) & the camel breeding farm. It has the world’s largest Camel research and breeding farm and is the only Camel breeding centre in the entire continent of its kind. Camel breed of this region is considered to be the best riding camel in the world.

The art and handicrafts of Bikaner are known for its exquisite designs, ethnic and innovative styles and delicately fashioned artifacts like Lacquer lamps, woolen shawls, blankets, hand woven rugs, jewelry, and accessories takes you to a complete whole new world of art &splendor.Bikaner also has the biggest Woolen Mart in Asia and has been a center of trade for over 185 years. For centuries, the Bikaner wool is being used for making of quality carpets.

Best Time to visit

Bikaner is mostly desert region and hence temperatures soar to 45 degrees Celsius during the summers between April to June. It is not advisable to travel to Bikaner during this period. Monsoons from July to September have fluctuating temperatures anywhere from 25 to 39 degrees Celsius. During December to February, temperatures drop to around 7 degrees with higher range being between 23-27 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to travel to Bikaner and other desert cities of Rajasthan.

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