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Situated amidst the desert of Thar lies the golden city of Jaisalmer. This city is the largest district in India.Jaisalmer is studded with magnificent forts and palaces, beautiful Jain temples and the heritage and folklore museums.

The tour of Jaisalmer is incomplete without camel safari. It will give you the opportunity to witness the rustic&rural Jaisalmer desert life of India. Camel safaris are usually arranged either early morning or early evening as the climate becomes cooler during that time of the day and also one can enjoy the sunrise/sunset. Every year in February, the city hosts a desert festival where one gets to enjoy and see a lot of events/activities and fun competitions like turban tying competitions, camel races, the moustache competition' which is very popular among foreign tourists and many more. This festival goes on for 3 days and mainly focuses on the local elements and heritage like for instance in this festival you will only get to enjoy the Rajasthani folk songs and dance performances.

Places to visit in Jaisalmer

The most significant landmark of this city is the Jaisalmer Fort. This fort was built to protect the residents of this parchedcolony from intruders, with large stones and boiling oil on those who are reckless enough to storm the walls. This majestic fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the only living fort of Rajasthan housing nearly 3000 people within the fort area which makes it more unique. This fort is also known as the ‘Golden Fort’ mainly because the yellow sandstone wall looks like a bit orange during the day time, later fading to golden honey color during the sunset thereby camouflaging the fort in the golden desert.

Within the fort, there are a group of 7 Jain Temples featuring some exquisitely sculpted shrines. These temples were built in the 12th& 15th centuries and are connected by walkways and corridors.

Another attraction of this city is the Tazia Tower. Situated in the 'Badal Palace' complex, this 5-storied structure represents the enriched architectural skill and creativity of the local craftsmen of the ancient period.Some of the main highlights of this city are the beautiful havelis of Jaisalmer such as Patwonki Haveli which is not one but rather a cluster of five havelis, Nathmalki Haveli which was the residence of the prime minister of Jaisalmer in the ancient period and Salim Singh ki Haveli.

Best Time to visit Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is primarily a desert region and hence temperatures rise upto 45 degrees Celsius during the summer months of April to June. It is not advisable to travel to Jaisalmer during the summer months or even during monsoons that last from from July to September. During the winter period of December to February, temperatures range between8 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to travel to Jaisalmeras well as other desert areas of Rajasthan. March has temperatures around 18 to 33 degree Celsius.

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