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Mumbai, earlier known as 'Bombay' is still referred by many with its old name. Some say that the name 'Bombay' originated from the Portuguese word 'Bombaim' that means 'Old Little Bay' or 'Good Bay'. Later, the name of the city was based on it most famous temple called 'Mumba Devi Temple' belonging to Goddess 'Mumba'. She is the deity worshiped by the oldest inhabitants of this island who are called the 'Koli' fishermen. It is believed that any immigrant coming to Mumbai must seek her blessings as she is the main Goddess protecting this island city.

Mumbai is a cluster of seven islands and is said to have been given to the Portuguese by the king of Gujarat. The seven islands were Mazgaon, Colaba, Wadala, Old Woman's Island, Parel, Mahim, and Matunga-Sion. However, these islands were not perceived to be of much value to the Portuguese and they gifted it to England’s Prince Charles II in 1661 as a wedding dowry gift of Catherine of Braganza when she married him. Little did they know, while leasing it to the East India Company for 10 pounds per annum in the form of gold, that one day this city will grow to be called the 'Commercial Capital' of the country.

Today, this city is a commercial huband one of the safest cities in the nation. It is famously referred to as the 'City that never sleeps' and is alive and bustling at even 3am. One of the major reasons that has contributed to this city's image is the Bollywood industry. Mumbai is not only the largest metropolitan but also the most populous city in the country. Talking of a global scenario, Mumbai would rank among the top commercial hubs in the world by worldwide economic transactions. The city of Mumbai offers tremendous career and business opportunities along with a higher and better standard of living, due to which thousands of migrants from all over the country are attracted to this bustling metro. One can find an amazing mix of culture and backgrounds. Needless to say the famous 'Bambaia' language is still considered to be one of the coolest. The slogan 'Aamchi Mumbai' (meaning 'My Mumbai') sounds as rough as could be but has all the warmth and belongingness towards the city.

Places to visit in Mumbai

From the most amazing architectures to ‘Bollywood’, from the sea side promenade known as ‘Marine Drive’ and ‘Queen’s Necklace’ to high rise towers from famous temples to the renowned ‘Elephanta Caves’ and from the biggest fashion brands to lip smacking cuisines, Mumbai has it all! A blend of Victorian, Gothic, Portuguese and Indo-Saracenic architecture can be witnessed in numerous buildings occupying the southern parts of the city.A visitor may actually be surprised by the availability of a huge multi cuisine restaurants serving not only regional but also international cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai etc. A tourist in Mumbai must not miss out indulging in shopping and some delectable cuisines!

Best Time to visit Mumbai

Unlike other cities in India, Mumbai experiences a coastal climate and is one city where both winters and summers are mild as compared to its Northern counterparts. Summers see a rise upto 35 degrees Celsius on an average unlike the soaring 48 degrees Celsius in the Northern parts of the country. Winters are pretty pleasant too, with temperatures ranging between 12-26 degrees Celsius. Most ideal months to visit are from November to February.

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