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Abhaneri Festival

Explore Rajasthan’s indigenous culture at the Abhaneri Festival

Abhaneri Festival

| Explore Rajasthan’s indigenous culture at the Abhaneri Festival |

Abhaneri festival is an Indian festival organized by Rajasthan tourism attracting tourists from all over the world. The festival is held at a tiny hamlet called Abhaneri in Dausa, famous for Chand-Baori or Abhaneri step-well. Stepwells in India were constructed to combat the issue of water shortages due to the climatic and geographical conditions in North India. The remnants of the ancient stepwells of India can be found in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. The local terms referring to a stepwell differs from region to region in India. Stepwells in India are called ‘baori’ or ‘baoli’ in Hindi and ‘Vav’ in Gujarati. Abhaneri festival is celebrated every year in the month of September or October.

Highlights of Abhaneri festival

  • Traditional Kalbelia or snake-charmer dance
  • Langa Singing by the Manganiyars
  • Kachhi Ghodi and Bhawai folk dances of Rajasthan
  • Dramatic Performance ‘Raas Leela’ depicting the lives of Radha and Krishna
  • Enacting of stories through puppet shows
  • shop for ethnic curios and handicrafts of Rajasthan at arts and crafts exhibitions

What to expect!

  • Festival venue is decorated beautifully with flowers and rangolis
  • Camel cart rides
  • Amazing renditions by qawwali musicians
  • Delicious Rajasthani food served at food stalls
  • Marvelous architecture of the Harshat Mata temple and the Abhaneri stepwell

Connectivity to venue:

  • Abhaneri village is located at a distance of 90 km from Jaipur en-route Agra.
  • Jaipur is well connected to most cities in North India through well-connected roadways.
  • Jaipur airport operates domestic and international flights connecting Jaipur to most Indian cities and the world.
  • A private vehicle will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride to the venue.
  • Our guide will accompany you to the venue and explain the festival’s significance and the traditions followed in the region.

Important Information:

  • Jaipur experiences the monsoon season in September
  • The temperature is slightly cooler than compared to summers
  • Carry a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes
  • Remember to carry your scarves, sun cream, caps, and sunglasses
  • Wear comfortable and modest clothing.
  • Contract out travel specialists, if you wish to visit the stepwells in India and take part in the festivities of the Abhaneri Festival as a part of your tour.

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