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India is a land like no other, with myriad experiences for every kind of traveler. A medley of ethnicities which can be vociferous yet modest, boisterous yet tranquil and contentious yet intriguing! For the western world, the first impression of India can be bemusing, but you will emphatically see it grow on you and eventually make you fall in love with this country! Alluring India Tour customizes some of the best luxury tours of India, to make your visit, a trip of a lifetime! To give you an idea about various tour possibilities, Alluring India presents this page of ‘Journey Inspirations’. Browse through some of our itineraries below and write to us to tailor-make your private luxury vacation to India!

First Visit To India

The Beginning

For that short first time visit to India, it becomes all the more important to utilize the time in the best possible manner. And what better way than to opt for the Luxury Indian…

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The Cultural Fusion

This luxury cultural India tour gives the best of both the North and South. You uncover the delights of India’s famed Golden Triangle tour with Kerala, covering the cities…

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The Incredible India

The Architectural wonders, historical sites, beaches, backwaters, forts, palaces, cultural events and luxury camps make just the right concoction for that incredible tour to India…

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The Mystical India

This luxurious North and South India tour package showcases the mystical side of India. It combines the Golden Triangle with Mumbai and the three southern states…

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Culture & Heritage

A Saga of Faith, Folklores & Frescos

This Golden Triangle tour with Khajuraho and Varanasi is one of the most preferred choices to explore the culture and heritage of India in a short duration…

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Chants, Chivalry & Colors!

‘Chants, Chivalry & Colors’ is one of the most popular amongst the heritage India tours. It includes selective destinations so as to provide the best of cultural experiences…

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India Gate to Gateway of India

‘India Gate to Gateway of India’ is a luxury Golden Triangle tour with Mumbai, that can be comfortably covered in around nine days. This enables you to discover…

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The Southern

This luxury South India tour offered by Alluring India, encompass a very distinct experience as compared to the North India’s tours. It is almost like visiting another country…

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Wildlife Expeditions

Palaces, Priests & Pugmarks

India has often been referred as a tiger country with its tigers, lions and leopards. A worthwhile visit for any wildlife enthusiast or nature photographers does involve…

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Taj, Tigers & Triumphs

This luxury North India wildlife tour ensures not to disappoint a wildlife enthusiast. With over a hundred national parks, around five hundred sanctuaries…

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Temples, Tales & Trails

‘Temples, Tales & Trails’ is one of the best luxury wildlife safari tours in India, especially for those who are not first time visitors. And for those who are a first time visitor…

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Wandering the Wilderness

Besides Ranthambhore, other developed national parks include the Bandhavgarh and Kanha national parks, which are also known to offer some exciting wildlife tours…

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Forts & Palaces

Bollywood, Beaches & Boulevard

A luxurious beach holiday just got even better! Alluring India combines it with a Bollywood tour and majestic palaces to make it one of the best luxury beach holidays in India…

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Dusk, Desert and Dunes

It will not be incorrect to allude that all Rajasthan tour packages are bound to comprise of some or the other palatial structures across the state. In olden times, the cities…

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Moghuls, Mahals & Marvels

The Colossal structures, unsurpassable art and entrancing fables of intrepidity… India indeed has a glorious past, to which Alluring India’s luxury Rajasthan tour…

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Sages, Sovereigns & Sagas

‘Sages, Sovereigns & Sagas’ is one of the most preferred luxury Rajasthan tours, operated during the winter months of November to March. This luxury Rajasthan itinerary…

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Ayurveda &Yoga

At the Foothills of the Himalayas

This luxury yoga retreat program offers one an opportunity to calm the mind from the worldly disturbances and delve into the divine practices of Ayurveda…

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At the World’s Yoga capital

Yoga tours to India would be incomplete without a visit to the city that is known as the ‘World’s Yoga Capital’ – Rishikesh! Alluring India not only takes you to this destination…

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On The Banks Of Holy Ganga

Alluring India’s luxury Yoga and meditation tour program will take you on an enlightening journey of holistic wellness. This program includes visit to religious destinations…

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The Rejuvenating Kerala

India is the birth place of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. Alluring India Tour brings to you, private Kerala Ayurveda tours, combined with Yoga and Meditation. Kerala is said to be..

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Beaches & Backwaters

From Reel to

This seventeen days program is one of the best South India tour packages combined with Mumbai. It includes two states in the south i.e. Tamil Nadu and Kerala…

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Joie De Vivre

A luxury Golden Triangle and Goa tour can be comfortably covered in around ten days time. A minimum of two nights at each of the three Golden Triangle cities…

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Journey along the Arabian sea-coast

Journey along the Arabian Sea coast’ takes you on an enchanting experience and is one of the best tour packages for Mumbai, Goa and Kerala. Besides the beaches…

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The Kingdom of God - Kerala

This luxury Kerala Tour program is an ideal one for those who have limited time in hand and are visiting the southern part of the country for the first time. Kerala is all about…

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The Sub-Continent

Coffee, Coasts & Coconut

This India and Sri Lanka luxury tour is a good option for those travellers looking at combining India and Sri lanka in a single trip. The program offers varied experiences…

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From Backwaters to Beaches

‘From Backwaters to Beaches’ is one of our most preferred Maldives tour package with India. This luxury holiday to India & Maldives allows you to explore the…

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From the Ganges to the Himalayas

‘From Nagas to Buddha’ is one of the popular luxury holidays for Sri-lanka and India with its highlight of the ‘Hornbill Festival’. The Hornbill Festival is a rare and unique…

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From Nagas to Buddha

Experience the diversities of two different nations in our luxury tours of India and Nepal. While one country is known for its tremendous beauty, vibrant architecture & history…

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Taj & Thunder Dragons

Our India with Bhutan luxury tours would be the perfect choice for someone seeking to explore India and Bhutan in a span of two weeks. Combined with major cities..

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Tale of Two

This Incredible India with luxury Nepal tour program gives an opportunity to witness and explore the beauties of 2 different countries in a single tour…

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Culinary Journeys

The Banana

The traditional food of India has been appreciated worldwide for its amazing use of herbs and spices. The cooking style varies from region to region and is largely divided…

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The Flavors of the North

India’s culinary scene is as rich and interesting as its history! Relish some delectable cuisines with our ‘The Flavors of The North’ culinary tour to India! Some of India’s foods…

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Private Jet Journeys

Royal India Revealed

The hospitality and the warmth of India, combined with premium travel services by Alluring India Tour, gives just the right concoction for those perfect luxury family holidays…

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The Cultural Cocktail

An eighteen days private jet vacation to India, this itinerary called ‘The Cultural Cocktail’ encompasses hand-picked destinations to mesmerize you with contrasting cultures.Right from the commercial..

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The Hidden Treasures

‘The Hidden Treasures’ is a private jet tour to India, encapsulating historical sagas of valor, architectural wonders and royal palaces! We at Alluring India Tour believe that India is beyond…

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The Jungle Trails

‘The Jungle Trails’ could be your perfect holiday if you are looking for a luxury India wildlife holiday with private jet. This itinerary covers the three most important wildlife destinations in the North…

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