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India is a unique country in many aspects. We are extremely impressed by the marvelous historical heritage your country has and we mentioned to all our guides that we didn’t understand why India is not promoting abroad the wonders you have. All the Palaces, Fortresses and historical sites we visited are marvelous and astonishing.

It’s not just the Taj Mahal but so many different places which are fabulous that we have no words to express our admiration. In regard to the Taj Mahal, it was an emotional experience to be there. Sincerely, I had dreamt in my life many times to have the opportunity to visit the Taj and of course I had seen many movies about it. But being there is totally different than watching a picture, movies, etcetera. When we passed the building where you see it for the first time, it was absolutely emotional. It’s so beautiful!! And the architecture is so grandiose that gives you chills. I couldn’t believe what I was observing. It was great!!!

But then is the Red Fort. And the Amber Fort and Fatehpur Sikri and Qutub Minar and the Jodhpur Fort and the blue city and …… endless wonders!! Of course we enjoyed very much in the Thar desert and the Camel ride to admire the sunset in the dunes. Everything was magnificent. Expression apart is the admiration for your ancestors’ architecture. Extraordinary everywhere!!!

Notwithstanding, our admiration it’s not just for the places. It’s also the people! We love the people, their peace, their friendliness and their spirituality and religiosity and we admire the way the people accept their fate as well as the way of coexistence with the animals. Walking in the streets of the markets is fascinating and the whole trip made me accountable for 2500 photos!!

I could be writing the whole night about our impressions but to summarize and not bore you, this has been one of the most interesting trips we have made in our lives. We have been in the five continents last year and this was the first time in India. As a conclusion I can tell you that we never have had an experience such as this one before. We would love to come back in the future and visit the South of India. And then, we would like to apply to your advice and services to organize such a trip.

Many people mentioned to us that Kerala is wonderful as well as Goa, but I think that being you the experts, you can give us better ideas than we can find out.

Thanks again Anushka for an incredible vacation in an incredible Land of fascinating people.

Warm Namaste from Chile.

Where do I begin...it was the most wonderful trip I could ever have imagined. You all put together the BEST guides and drivers, the accomodations, too, were very comfortable. AND, my birthday was a fabulous delicious surprise!!! I can't begin to thank you enough. Being in India filled my senses and my heart with all kinds of emotions. I felt so protected and so secure with the attentiveness of the guides. I must commend, in particular, Shailly, who was in Varanasi with us. He was excellent!!! Sundar, the driver to Pokhara, and Mr. Singh, who we had for 8 days were superb. they all were so patient and such excellent drivers. they stand out!! They felt like family....

Our dinner at the home of (can't remember her name, so sorry) was so delicious and so much fun. It was a special treat to be in a home of such lovely people. I am still settling in, the trip is long. Your immediate response to any comment we may have made was so impressive and appreciated. I would recommend that you explore Orchard Tent in Pushkar. It was very unique, lovely, clean, and the manager/owner is a very special man. Being on a Skik property, in a Muslim community with a Jewish synagogue nearby was a beautiful reminder that we are all people under the same sky!

Thank you very much for arranging both tours and accommodating our changes. We had a really good time. For the other two ladies, in the pictures this was their first time in India so it was very interesting for them to see so much. I am happy to report that they really enjoyed India. The guy, Nate, has been several times but he was happy to get out and see everything again. I had a great time, here is some of our feedback, (I am afraid to spell anybody's name because I am sure I would get it wrong);

  1. We really enjoyed the driver from New Delhi to Agra. In general, we find driving in India to be insane but he was one of the calmest most cautious driver we have seen in India. We have been using drivers all week from our hotel so we felt like we have a good pool to judge from. Our security team warned us that drivers love to speed on the toll road so we watched him closely and he was exactly on the speed limit the whole time, not one km over. He was very nice and it was very enjoyable to ride with him. We would definitely request him again. It doesn't hurt he's really cute.
  2. The guide in Delhi was enjoyable and we had a good day. I really liked Old Delhi and I liked seeing him again.
  3. We enjoyed the tonga ride. It was a fun way to travel and my friends really haven't been around horses so this was a unique experience for them.

When I get back to the hotel I will send some more pictures of us. Have you ever arranged a photography tour? I would be very interested in that. My aunt and I are looking to come back soon. (This will be her first time in India) What are the best months?

I hope you are doing well and your travels were productive. It has been great being in India again.


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