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India is a unique country in many aspects. We are extremely impressed by the marvelous historical heritage your country has and we mentioned to all our guides that we didn’t understand why India is not promoting abroad the wonders you have. All the Palaces, Fortresses and historical sites we visited are marvelous and astonishing. It’s not just the Taj Mahal but so many different places which are fabulous that we have no words to express  our admiration. In regard to the Taj Mahal, it was an emotional experience to be there. Sincerely, I had dreamt in my life many times to have the opportunity to visit the Taj and of course I had seen many movies about it. But being there is totally different than watching a picture, movies, etcetera. When we passed the building where you see it for the first time, it was absolutely emotional. It’s so beautiful!! And the architecture is so  grandiose that gives you chills. I couldn’t believe what I was observing. It was great!!! But then is the Red Fort. And the Amber Fort and Fatehpur Sikri and Qutub Minar and the Jodhpur Fort and the blue city and …… endless wonders!! Of course we enjoyed very much in the Thar desert and the Camel ride to admire the sunset in the dunes. Everything was magnificent. Expression apart is the admiration for your ancestors’ architecture. Extraordinary everywhere!!! Notwithstanding, our admiration  it’s not just for the places. It’s also the people! We love the people, their peace, their friendliness and their spirituality and religiosity and we admire the way the people accept their fate as well as the way of coexistence with the animals. Walking in the streets of the markets is fascinating and the whole trip made me accountable for 2500 photos!! I could be writing the whole night about our impressions but to summarize and not bore you, this has been one of the most interesting trips we have made in our lives. We have been in the five continents last year and this was the first time in India. As a conclusion I can tell you that we never have had an experience such as this one before. We would love to come back in the future and visit the South of India. And then, we would like to apply to your advice and services to organize such a trip. Many people mentioned to us that Kerala is wonderful as well as Goa, but I think that being you the experts, you can give us better ideas than we can find out. Thanks again Anushka for an incredible vacation in an incredible Land of fascinating people. Warm Namaste from Chile. Jaime



Where do I begin...it was the most wonderful trip I could ever have imagined.  You all put together the BEST guides and drivers, the accomodations, too, were very comfortable.  AND, my birthday was a fabulous delicious surprise!!!  I can't begin to thank you enough. Being in India filled my senses and my heart with all kinds of emotions.  I felt so protected and so secure with the attentiveness of the guides.  I must commend, in particular, Shailly, who was in Varanasi with us.  He was excellent!!!  Sundar, the driver to Pokhara, and Mr. Singh, who we had for 8 days were superb.  they all were so patient and such excellent drivers.  they stand out!!  They felt like family.... Our dinner at the home of (can't remember her name, so sorry) was so delicious and so much fun.  It was a special treat to be in a home of such lovely people. I am still settling in, the trip is long.  Your immediate response to any comment we may have made was so impressive and appreciated.  I would recommend that you explore Orchard Tent in Pushkar.  It was very unique, lovely, clean, and the manager/owner is a very special man.  Being on a Skik property, in a Muslim community with a Jewish synagogue nearby was a beautiful reminder that we are all people under the same sky!



Thank you very much for arranging both tours and accommodating our changes.  We had a really good time.  For the other two ladies, in the pictures this was their first time in India so it was very interesting for them to see so much.  I am happy to report that they really enjoyed India.  The guy, Nate, has been several times but he was happy to get out and see everything again. I had a great time, here is some of our feedback, (I am afraid to spell anybody's name because I am sure I would get it wrong);  
  1.  We really enjoyed the driver from New Delhi to Agra.  In general, we find driving in India to be insane but he was one of the calmest most cautious driver we have seen in India.    We have been using drivers all week from our hotel so we felt like we have a good pool to judge from. Our security team warned us that drivers love to speed on the toll road so we watched him closely and he was exactly on the speed limit the whole time, not one km over.  He was very nice and it was very enjoyable to ride with him.  We would definitely request him again. It doesn't hurt he's really cute. 
  2. The guide in Delhi was enjoyable and we had a good day. I really liked Old Delhi and I liked seeing him again.  
  3. We enjoyed the tonga ride. It was a fun way to travel and my friends really haven't been around horses so this was a unique experience for them.  
When I get back to the hotel I will send some more pictures of us. Have you ever arranged a photography tour?  I would be very interested in that. My aunt and I are looking to come back soon.  (This will be her first time in India) What are the best months?   I hope you are doing well and your travels were productive.  It has been great being in India again.  Thanks,  Nikki 

Mrs. & Mr. Wemyss,


Hi Anisha,  We have just had our final meet up with Mr Kapil and Gurav and we have expressed to them how delighted we have been with our trip an more importantly your services.  It has exceeded our expectations and have loved every minute of our journey. I will put together a review for TripAdvisor and forward it to you also.  I will also send a more detailed reply with regards to everything when we get back and have had time to digest the beautiful journey. Again our thanks and appreciation for your attention to detail, the special experiences , the thoughtfulness shown by all and the special tokens of India we have either enjoyed along the way and are able to take home as a memory of our time in India and with the beautiful people we have met. Thanks and warmest regards..

Ms. Visvanathan & Family


Thank you for your email - we have arrived home safely after a few hours delay with flights in Zurich and Toronto. We had an amazing trip!!  So many wondeful experiences...so many wonderful family memories.  Thank you so much for your great attention to all the details of our trip, everything went very smoothly.  We really appreciate that you, yourself were personally checking in on us with your local reps every step of the way!!  :)  I'm in the travel industry and that kind of attention to detail and care for your clients is the same kind of service level we deliver.  It is what sets companies apart from the rest, and Alluring India Tour is certainly above the rest.  I will not hesitate to recommend you and your company to friends and family. I commend you on your handling of the cancelled flight in Udaipur - that you arranged for 2 cars to take us by land, and for the air ticket refund. We appreciate the hotel upgrade and the vehicle to take us to dinner that night.  We had a wonderful dinner by the lake with a great view of the lights of the palaces and city.  At the end of the day we really enjoyed our overland trip - it was very scenic. We are satisfied with our Bollywood Tour refund and that you have taken action against the tour supplier.  It was unfortunate that the tour wasn't as expected but we are happy with the actions you took to make this right for us.  Please let me know if I can send comments by email that would assist in your dispute with the tour supplier. Please rest assured that all ground representatives were professional and represented AIT in a most positive manner.  We very happy with all the hotel selections that you made for us.  I will send a more detailed email in the next 2-3 days with feedback on the local representatives/guides/drivers and hotels.  I just wanted to send a quick email that we had arrived home, and that we feel we have had a trip of a lifetime thanks to you! Namaste, Dawn

Mrs. & Mr. Watts


On behalf of Murray and myself, thank you for arranging a wonderful tour.  Our guides were knowledgeable and our drivers got us safely from one city to the other – not sure how they do it as the traffic is absolutely insane compared to that in Canada!! We are now safe and sound back at work in Calgary and will have stories and memories for a lifetime. Very best wishes to you and your team.

Russell Mittermeier


Thanks very much for all your help and patience. The tour went very well, and I will recommend you to others.  We may also start sending groups of our members to India, but that is probably a year or so down the line.

Olivier Langrand


The Guides were all excellent. Yunis in Periyar and Sanjeev in Bharatpur are both excellent. I was very happy with the overall organization of my visits to Kerala and Bharatpur, and by the hotel, guide and driver selection. Well done !

Margery Sinclair


Thanks very much for your email, and we want to assure you that everything has gone so smoothly.  We were pleased with Mr. Chandra, a very safe driver, and all the hotels were fine.  Count us among your most satisfied  clients! It's been a pleasure to work with you.   Sincerely, Margery

Cathy Forrest


I wanted to mention about both the guides in Delhi and Jaipur and our two drivers.  They were excellent, full of knowledge, amiable to our wants and patient with our questions.  Everyone had a sense of humor, obviously loved their job, and seemed genuinely interested in our well being!!  and tetuk? not sure of the spelling, our driver from Agra throughout Jaipur and back to Delhi said -"Incredible India!!".  India is indeed incredible and it was a trip my daughter and I will cherish and talk about the rest of our lives.  India becomes part of you once you have visited.  Erin and I would actually like to return and fly into Mumbai and then visit Goa. Thank you for all the planning and attention to detail, we could not have asked for anything more.  Thank you, Cathy

Joanne Bedford


Hello Manisha,  we wish to thank you for a fantastic experience on our holiday in India. It was superbly organised and everything was very smoothly handled, we were very impressed with your complete service and wish to offer our utmost thanks for all your efforts. we are highly recommending you to all our friends for the great job you did and the quality of guides and drivers, and are looking forward to a return trip. Please keep me in touch with any special offers you may have coming up as we would love to travel again with you. Thankyou again, we loved India thanks to your help! sincerely Jo and Mick Bedford

Jaime & Gaby


A Warm Namaste from London. Thank you very much for your kind mail and for your follow up to our journey in India. We are still in London in the last day of our trip; a trip that was really fascinating. Gaby and I enjoyed every minute and it was  great to have with us Andrea and Felipe. You are right with respect to Felipe's previous balloon experience in Turkey but each flight is different and he loved it as much as we did. And having Francisco as our pilot was amazing!!! We enjoyed the ride very much because it was a very pleasant trip and a really quiet landing. Marvelous balloon safari. Ranthambhore was unbelievable!! Having seen six tigers was unexpected and really we were extremely lucky. Nobody could believe how lucky we have been. And that figure represents 10% of the total population of tigers in Ranthambhore, Amazing isn´t it? The second spot was so beautiful. It was the mother with two cubs and on some moment the mother caressed one of her cubs in a very tender way, which was unbelievable. And they were very close to us; no more than five meters!! Wonderful I enclose the image of the tigresse, the Mother. With respect to the overweight charges, it was a small amount, so there was no problem with that. It´s rare today in the world that airlines allow only 15 Kg. As you know average is 20, but that´s the way it is. I loved the new folder. As you said, the former one was a bit big. The new one is very comfortable and easy to handle. Great job!! Back to the trip, the Guides were excellent, they spoke very good Spanish and their knowledge was very good indeed. Bollywood was quite interesting and amazed us the visit to the digital company where they make the movies to look real using computation technology. Very interesting and the guide was excellent. He brought us to the Mall and that visit was also a very good one. And a word to the drivers. Very nice people and prudent conductors.  Great job driving us all over the different places we visited. Finally, a word to your services. They are superb and every single detail was supplied according to the programme. We enjoyed every single minute in India. Your country is amazing. We still have questions unanswered but we admire the way your people live their lives. No matter how poor they could be, they are happy people and very nice in their interchange with foreigners. And your Company Anushka deserves big success. You are preoccupied of so many details and all work. Excellent service, excellent organization, superb outcome. Congratulations to you and all the people involved in delivering us the best of their possibilities. For sure, we will comeback in the future. Goa and the South must be a place to visit and will be placed in our agenda to plan the next trips in the future. Thank you very much for all Anushka. And have a great and safe trip back to Mumbai. We are setting off in one hour to take the Eurostar to Paris and tonight we fly back home. Warm regards Jaime

Jacqueline Harrison


We are now home after spending some time in Kuala Lumpar after India. Thank you so much for all the arrangements. The trip was wonderful and everything went so well. It really exceeded our expectations. All of your staff and guides were really helpful and a wealth of knowledge. Harry in Delhi was an absolute delight. Again, thank you so much. We will certainly recommend your company to friends and maybe look at another trip next year. Again, many thanks Paul & Jacque Harrison.

Barbara Beissel


Life for us on arrival home as always, has been hectic and all consuming. We are still enjoying sharing our trip with family, it truly was amazing and memorable.  Maglev played a very important part in our joy, with efficiency and attentive, to our needs very grateful for this. Easter is upon us,  and is tradition here a time for family and usually a camping experience in country areas. Will send some more pics from the Taj Mahal....Cheers to all the fabulous team ! Barb and Ian Beissel

Steve Netemeyer


Thanks for your email. I've attached my post-trip questionnaire. I really enjoyed my time in India, and the 6 days in Kerala were a wonderful part of that. Thanks to you and your company for making that trip trouble-free. In particular, Sumesh did an outstanding job, as my driver! Regards, Steve Netemeyer

Anthony Harford


Just to say how much we enjoyed our holiday. We particularly enjoyed our time at Kumarakom and on the houseboat. We found all the arrangements worked perfectly and we had an excellent driver - Sumesh - who was most helpful. We felt well looked after all the time and were extremely grateful to you for all your attention ensuring we had a memorable holiday. Averil and Tony Harford

Carsten Hallas


We have been very happy with the arrangement and your ability to change the schedule around, when we had to delay because of the visa problems.  We will be happy to use your services again and also recommend you to any friends who want to travel in India. Thanks again. BR Carsten Hallas p.s. We are considering East India for next year. Can you arrange anything in Nagaland?

Robert Girouard


First of all, we would like to thank you and Maglev Team for your excellent work with regards to our recent trip to India. We truly enjoyed our experience with Maglev. We received a 5-star service from start to finish. We would highly recommend your services to anyone planning a private tour to India. More specifically, all hotels suggested by you were, as promised, clean and comfortable. We were impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of all hotel personnel. Although our first impression was doubtful, the Florence inn proved to be very correct. Our coup de coeur was the Old Harbour Inn. The only deception was the Clarks Shiraz on account of the food and the view (could not see the TAJ). All our chauffeurs were extremely professional and the cars were always clean and comfortable. Our guides were, generally speaking, very informative. We especially liked the guide in Varanasi and the one in Agra was most literate. But, again, overall, our trip to India was memorable and we will always keep a good souvenir of Incredible India. And, on a more personal note, we really appreciated your counsel and cooperation.  Best Regards Robert and Lucie Girouard

Estela Hendler


Hi Anushka: Overall, we are very satisfied with your service.  Your contacts, guides and drivers were all professional, efficient, accommodating.  Everybody were excellent but special commendation goes to Harry, Suresh, Rajetsing, Basant and the person who took care of us at the Jodhpur airport.  The hotels were excellent.  We were especially happy with The Imperial in Delhi and the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur.  Rambagh Palace upgraded us to a suite and our experience with them was very memorable.  Both rooms were amazing and the service was excellent.   If I have to make a suggestion, I would suggest the following:  The stay in Agra should have been 2 nights.  After having driven for 4 hours from Delhi, it would have been better if we just stayed at the hotel on the day that we arrived and relax the rest of the afternoon.  The tour to Agra and the Fort could be done the next day.  We like to take things leisurely and not be overwhelmed by the tours.  Also, we would like to have time to enjoy the hotels. We are very grateful for all of the options that you offered us.  In Udaipur, the guide and driver were excellent.  When your representative came to the airport in Jodhpur to help us, we were all impressed by the service of your company.  We came home satisfied with a lot of appreciation for India.. Thank you for everything, Anushka. Regards. Estela

Anne Pogson


Firstly, I want to tell you that we are having a wonderful time in India. It is probably the most incredible trip I have had in my life and I have been to quite a few destinations around the world. We were very impressed with our driver, Radeesh, in Kerala. Warm Regards, Anne Pogson

Bryan Knight


We had a wonderful holiday and were delighted by the excellent service from all of your staff. Yours sincerely, Bryan

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